CyberSpace will remain down till further notice.

We worked hard to provide you the best software experience till date. But some jealous fucking shitheads are continuously "Click Bombed" us for the last couple of months.

I have put my time and efforts into this project for the last couple of year and we got Adsense approval on July 2019 after almost 2 years of trying. But since then Google had placed ad serving limit on our AdSense account for deliberate invalid clicks on our ads on alternative months. We can't continue like this, as I have jobs, families, and I can work on freelance sites than putting my precious time on this CyberSpace bullshit that everyone wants *for free *without any ads. We provided you the best-downloading sites, we gave you a virus and tension-free automated system, we kept your requests, we did everything we can for you *for free. Still, you are not satisfied. And in return what you did: you never promoted us, you shared direct download links than our site link so we didn't get any exposure, finally you took us down on Adsense. Is there any good reason for keeping the site alive? The answer is no; you can't expect me to work and work for you and get nothing. So yeah go n get jacked and fucked by ransomware, *best of luck *I don't care. If whoever the fuck did this apologize on our FB group and promises not to do this in future only then I will consider till then *use your left hand.

Some said to go for a membership plan, then a few said wouldn't you be ashamed to take money for the illegal softwares? They are your that friend who would fuck you whenever they want and oneday would say "I can't marry you, coz we were just friends!"

NB: Even if we comeback and still face the same issue in future, then God be with you. CyberSpace will be dead forever.